TCA Girl StudyingTCA has sought to offer a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to their curriculum choices while ensuring God’s truth is the biblical foundation from which each individual subject is integrated on a daily basis. Kindergarten through sixth grade are traditional, self-contained classrooms. 7th – 12th grade is organized in the manner of most traditional junior/senior high schools, with specialty teachers for the various areas of study. Students rotate through classes/teachers on either a daily or pre-planned schedule for the week. As you will see in each of the grade level flyers below and/or the Junior/Senior booklet, we have specific curriculum that is geared toward each respective age group to enhance their level of knowledge.

TCA does provide consistency throughout all K-10th grade curriculum choices on specific subject areas. We use two Christian companies for our curriculum choices as well as one main secular textbook. Saxon Math has proven itself nationwide to be one of the best choices in this area; therefore, we do use this for K5 through our higher-level math classes. Saxon Math is also taught a grade ahead the same way Chandler Traditional Academies (CTA) used to teach this curriculum. ABeka Books is one of our Christian publishers that we use for our English/Language Arts program for K5 – 10th grade. ABeka offers a foundational phonics-based approach to this core subject area that we know to be very important in the early learning and development stages of a student and the curriculum builds on those key components throughout the upper grades as Literature and more comprehensive work is required of the students. Our other major company is Bob Jones University Press also a Christian resource provider. We use this for three main areas of our curriculum including History and Science. Bob Jones lays a foundation in history and science that is built on biblical truths while also staying true to each subject in their own right. Our 11th and 12th grade curriculum choices are different due to the fact that juniors and seniors have the option of Dual Enrollment courses. This means that students will be using college level textbooks and, therefore may not have the option of using these publishers listed above for the classes. To learn more about the curriculum taught in the Dual enrollment classes, please visit here.

If you have any questions on the curriculum taught at TCA, please feel free to contact us through your best method of communication or stop by for a tour and take a look at the textbooks in the classrooms.

We have discussed the core areas of our curriculum above, but we also have curriculum for our special classes as well including Spanish, art, music, computers, and instrument ensembles.

To read more about our curriculum, please click the link below:

Kindergarten Curriculum
First Grade Curriculum
Second Grade Curriculum
Third Grade Curriculum
Fourth Grade Curriculum
Fifth Grade Curriculum
Sixth Grade Curriculum