Is TCA accredited?2022-09-01T20:58:03-07:00

TCA is accredited by the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) and AdvancEd.

Is TCA a member of any associations?2016-08-19T22:54:16-07:00

Yes, TCA is a member of Christian Schools of Arizona (CSA), the state chapter of American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).

What facilities does TCA offer?2016-09-21T23:31:45-07:00

TCA is housed in the facilities of Tri-City Baptist Church. There are some 21 classrooms, a student chapel, a large auditorium, a gymnasium, and a kitchen. We also have a sports field for soccer.

Does TCA have school uniforms?2016-09-20T12:57:47-07:00

Yes, to help eliminate conflict between students and the school, students and parents, and parents and the school, and to remove social stigma, TCA requires its students to wear uniforms.

Does TCA provide hot lunches?2016-08-19T22:52:09-07:00

Yes, hot lunches are available for $4.00 for K-2nd grade, $4.50 for 3rd-6th grade, and $5.00 for 7th-12th grade.

What curriculum does TCA use?2016-09-21T23:33:17-07:00

TCA uses a variety of Christian and secular textbooks including Bob Jones University Press, A Beka Books, and Saxon Math in our curriculum.

Is before and after school care provided?2016-08-19T22:50:31-07:00

Yes, before and after school care is provided for an additional cost through Time For Tots, the preschool and daycare ministry of Tri-City Baptist Church.

Are scholarships available?2016-08-19T22:49:59-07:00

Yes, scholarships are available through the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit.

How much does tuition cost?2022-09-01T20:56:31-07:00

Tuition varies depending on the grade and number of students in the family enrolled. K5-6th grades: $7,200; 7th-12th grades: $7,500

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