The Tri-City Christian Academy PTA welcomes you and invites you to join us! We welcome all parents to get involved in large or small ways, meet other parents, and learn more about activities going on around campus.

The overall mission of the PTA is to promote school loyalty, to assist and appreciate our teachers in a supportive manner throughout the year, as well as to bring awareness of current issues that affect teachers and students.

Reasons to join the PTA:

    1. Help your child.
      Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their school perform better academically and have fewer disciplinary problems.
    2. Support our teachers.
      We organize classroom coordinators and classroom volunteers to assist the teachers in the classroom and with class parties. Find a list of this year’s classroom coordinators here.
    3. Get connected.
      At our meetings, you’ll hear all about important school and student issues from the Administration, volunteers, as well as other parents.
    4. Make friends.
      We are a diverse group of parents unified by strong interest in enriching their child’s education. We make great friends!
    5. Be heard.
      The PTA is a great forum for exchanging ideas to improve our school.
    6. Be a role model.
      Show your child the value (and fun) of school events and activities involvement.
    7. It’s flexible.
      There are many ways to contribute. Joining does not obligate you to volunteer or attend meetings, although we hope you will!

If you have any suggestions or questions please contact Lauren Brady – ">.

Important Downloads

»  TCA Volunteer Handbook
»  TCA Volunteer Signup